Environmentally Friendly Shampoos & Conditioners

According to The B Corp Handbook by Ryan Honeyman, a Benefit Corporation should ask itself five general questions to guide decision-making. They are:

1. Is it good for workers?
2. Is it good for the community?
3. Is it good for the environment?
4. Is it good for the long term?
5. Is it good to the core?

Bruno’s Place DIY Dog Wash will use lots of shampoo and conditioner. We decided to focus on the environment for now. It’s something we can readily do. We included “to protect and restore the environment” per Texas’ “social purpose” statute in our Certificate of Formation when we set up Bruno’s Place LLC.

Earthbath – Natural Shampoos

As we approach our planned opening in February, we are looking for supplies. With a combination of online reviews, talking to people and researching, we decided earthbath products would be best for us to use. Earthbath advertises itself as “totally natural pet care.”

When we contacted earthbath, we learned that it has a rebate program for dog washes and groomers. If you use at least three different shampoos and buy shampoo by the 1.00 or 2.50 gallon size, earthbath will rebate you 15% of the cost annually. It will also send you bottles, aprons, racks for products and so forth at no cost.

Another example of doing well by doing good!

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