Bruno’s Place, Our B Corp

Once upon a time, we had a dog named Bruno. Bruno was one-half German Shepherd and one-half St. Bernard. Bruno was the best dog ever.

Bruno loved everyone, and everyone loved Bruno. Kids could lie on him, tug on him, roll around on him and Bruno thought it was fun. Bruno used to roam around the neighborhood. Pretty soon, our house became known as “Bruno’s Place.”


Meet Bruno

Skip forward a few years: Bruno had passed away but left countless good memories behind. We decided that we would like to open a self-service dog wash. Bruno would be the patron dog of “Bruno’s Place.”

We’ve always believed that businesses should be responsible corporate citizens. By the time we wanted to organize Bruno’s Place, we had learned about Benefit Corporations. So we decided to organize as a B Corp and, once we qualified, apply for B Corp certification.

My wife Rochelle is a physician; I am an attorney. Although I know how to set up businesses, neither one of us has any real experience in running one. Our daughter Mallory has lots of experience in retail and service businesses, and her wife Kellie has worked in offices and so knows how that end of a business works. Mallory will be the manager of Bruno’s Place. Follow this thread to keep up with our progress and please visit us on Facebook.

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