Benefit Corporation Workshop at The Grove

The Grove is a coworking space in Downtown Dallas. It promotes social enterprises, or in other words, doing well while doing good. From the website:

The Grove, Dallas is a diverse collaborative coworking community. We are freelancers, web designers, full-stack developers, multi-city marketing and urban design firms, organizations digging water wells in Africa, lawyers and mediators, people teaching kids to code to solve big world problems, fashion designers, social entrepreneurs and investors, and some of us are still wrestling with our next big idea. We are united by our passion for community, social impact, and our desire to leave the world a better place than we found it.

I’m proud to be a member. And it’s fun for me. I’m the old guy who gets to help a bunch of energetic, hopeful and motivated younger people from all sorts of backgrounds.

The Grove

I’ve been posting on The Grove’s Facebook page about setting up Bruno’s Place as a social enterprise. I’ve also given a couple of talks at The Grove about business entity selection and about Benefit Corporations. As soon as we qualify, Bruni’s Place LLC will apply for certification as a B Corp. I’m documenting our progress on this website.

As a result of those Facebook posts, Justin Nygren, who runs The Grove, and Terry Han, the Events Animator, invited me to conduct a seminar/workshop to discuss the basics of B Corps and then provide hands-on help with the forming of businesses. The event will last two to three hours on a Saturday. We have pencilled in February 11. Stay tuned for details as we fine-tune the event.

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