Welcome to my Social Entrepreneur blog! Let’s do the “who what where why when” thing:

Who: My name is Jimmy Verner. Over the past 35+ years, I’ve practiced law in a variety of areas, but mostly as a litigation attorney. First I was a commercial litigator and later a family law attorney focusing on property cases. I still practice family law from time to time, but with the gracious consent of my firm, Verner Brumley Mueller Parker P.C., I have expanded my individual practice to include social entrepreneurship law.

What: Social entrepreneurship law encompasses both profit and non-profit businesses. On the non-profit side, corporations need qualification as 501(c)(3) entities from the IRS so that they can accept tax-deductible contributions. On the profit side, it’s very important to choose the best format for your business, such as a corporation (“S” or “C”), an LLC or whatever. Finally, businesses can become B Corps (benefit corporations) where the business is expressly committed not only to making money but to contribute to society. These are all things I can help with.

Where: I’m a member of the Texas State Bar. I can appear in court only in Texas, but when advising about social entrepreneurship law, I am free to offer legal advice in any state. Although I am based in Dallas, like so many professionals now, most of my work is online.

Why: It’s time to give back. I’ve had a great career and have always been interested in social and economic justice. Now I’m in a position to help others get their social enterprises off the ground and avoid pitfalls on the way. Plus my wife and I are opening what will be a B Corp ourselves, Bruno’s Place DIY Dog Wash. We’re slogging through all the steps to opening a new business and reporting on them. Check out Bruno’s on FaceBook.

When: Now! We’re moving ahead on Bruno’s. I’m ready to help other social enterprises and non-profits. There’s no time like the present. As former Dallas Mayor R.L. Thornton once said during a construction boom, “Keep the dirt flying!”

Please contact me to help you pursue your social enterprise dream. Let me help you help others.