Welcome to my Social Entrepreneur blog! Let’s do the “who what where why when” thing:

Who: My name is Jimmy Verner. Over the past 35+ years, I’ve practiced law in a variety of areas, but mostly as a litigation attorney. First I was a commercial litigator and later as a family law attorney. I still practice family law, but with the gracious consent of my firm, Verner Brumley Mueller Parker P.C., I have expanded my individual practice to include social entrepreneurship law.

What: Social entrepreneurship law encompasses both profit and non-profit businesses. On the non-profit side, corporations need qualification as 501(c)(3) entities from the IRS so that they can accept tax-deductible contributions. On the profit side, it’s very important to choose the best format for your business, such as a corporation (“S” or “C”), an LLC or whatever. Finally, businesses can become B Corps (benefit corporations) where the business is expressly committed not only to making money but to contribute to society. These are all things I can help with.

Where: I’m in Dallas but am licensed to practice in the entire State of Texas. It’s not often necessary for us to meet in person to get things done, so don’t hesitate to contact from wherever you are.

Why: It’s time to give back. I’ve had a great career and have always been interested in social and economic justice. Now I’m in a position to help others get their social enterprises off the ground and avoid pitfalls on the way. Plus my wife and I are opening what will be a B Corp ourselves, Bruno’s Place DIY Dog Wash. We’re slogging through all the steps to opening a new business and reporting on them. Check out Bruno’s on FaceBook.

When: Now! We’re moving ahead on Bruno’s. I’m ready to help other social enterprises and non-profits. There’s no time like the present. As former Mayor R.L. Thornton once said during a construction boom in Dallas, “Keep the dirt flying!”

Please contact me to help you pursue your social enterprise dream. Let me help you help others.